Book Review: Maze of Bones Book 1

Did you ever wish your kids would study their history and geography? Did you ever want to have a worldwide adventure yourself? I’ve found the perfect series of books that are suitable for kids (some violence but no graphic descriptions of gory details), and parents alike.

Meet The 39 Clues Series Books. In Book 1 Maze of Bones, we discover that Amy and Dan Cahill have lost their grandmother to cancer. Their parents were killed in a fire seven years earlier, and they’ve been the wards of their Great Aunt Beatrice. Great Aunt Beatrice does not want to deal with them directly, so she hires au pair Nellie Gomez to supervise them.

During the reading of their grandmother Grace Cahill’s will, they are posed with a decision. Take one million dollars each and be finished with Cahill business or forfeit the one million dollars each and join a hunt for The 39 Clues. Since they believe it is what their grandmother would have wanted, Amy and Dan forfeit the immediate cash and sign up for the clues hunt.

The family has four branches descended from Gideon Cahill. Jane Cahill’s descendants are the Janus, Thomas’ descendants are the Tomas, Katherine’s descendants are the Ekaterinas, and Luke Cahill descendants are the Lucian branch. Each branch is represented at the reading of the will, and each branch makes sure they have a team in the clue hunt.

But what branch are Amy and Dan? Without the million dollars each, how will they travel to compete in the clue hunt? All of the other branches know their history, why doesn’t Amy and Dan know theirs?

Great questions! Follow Amy and Dan from Boston all over the world with their au pair Nellie Gomez and their grandmother’s Egyptian Mau Saladin to find out who will be the most powerful people in the world.

This book series has trading cards, a website, and other auxiliary information available to make the clue hunting adventure more fun. Multiple authors starting with Rick Riordan famous for the Percy Jackson & the Olympians book series keeps the adventure and reading fresh.

See: for more information.

Happy Hunting!

ISBN-13: 978-0-545-06039-4


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9 thoughts on “Book Review: Maze of Bones Book 1

  1. Looks like I have a new series for my own reading list!!

  2. This sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks in advance for the recommendation!

    • Since I didn’t pay as much attention to my history and geography when I was in school, I’ve actually looked up some of the historical people and events mentioned. These writers really know their history to weave the Cahills in there so well. Thanks.

  3. Excellent and informative review. I know this series, and you are right, they are both fun and educational.

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