She is crazy I tell you.

Even though my hometown was in the totality for the solar eclipse event in August, I thought there were enough “wonder of the eclipse” posts out there. But something very strange did happen. When I buy cat litter sometimes, I buy it in lime green plastic buckets. One of the visitors to my house had brought her dog. Lacey was much more agile than Ro, and found a way out of the enclosure. So I brought out the bucket of cat litter to block the escape point. Lacey and Ro got along well and the group enjoyed viewing the totality from my front yard.

Crazy part: When I started carrying the litter bucket back up the steps to come in the house. Ro went crazy. Have you ever seen a trained drug dog alert when it finds drugs? Well Ro made that look like child’s play. She literally would not let me bring it the rest of the way in the house. I remembered that I had an empty bucket in the house so I got it and threw it over into her enclosure. She immediately went for it and I was able to get the full bucket back in the house.

Ro gets very upset if she cannot get her mouth over something, so this bucket was a challenge indeed. She wrestled it, growled at it and flung it all over her enclosure. A couple of days later I noticed the bucket on my side of the gate. So I pitched it back over to her side. Game on!

She had flung it completely out of her enclosure over a 4 ft gate. Now when I find it on my side I fling it back over. She growls and wrestles until it is back on my side. I apologize for the quality of the picture. Perhaps I’ll be able to download better ones later but my phone wasn’t cooperating this morning.

She is amazing. She gets it by the handle and flings it into the air, then she runs to get under it so she can head butt it over the gate. So what if I have the only dog in the country that alerts to cat litter containers…

I told you she was crazy…


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8 thoughts on “She is crazy I tell you.

  1. She may be crazy but she’s happy and loving!

  2. Wow. She is keeping you occupied. She is so smart!!

  3. She’s too smart…she gets bored easily.

  4. I wonder what would happen if you used another cat litter container the same size and shape but a different color? Or if you gave her the other one when it’s empty? Maybe the one she has now is the one and only one she’ll do this with. Dog psych…I wish I could master it.

  5. Animals are so interesting – I always wonder what goes on inside their heads. Thanks for sharing that story!

    Kathrin —

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