Book Review: One False Note Book 2

When we first met Amy and Dan Cahill, they had just lost their beloved grandmother Grace Cahill. At the reading of the will, they turned down one million dollars each to enter a race known as the The 39 Clues Hunt. Winners of the hunt will become the most powerful people in the world, but they must compete with the most dangerous branches of the Cahill family as well.

Rick Riordan’s Maze of Bones introduces the four branches of the Cahill clan, descended from Gideon Cahill. Jane Cahill’s descendants are the Janus, Thomas’ descendants are the Tomas, Katherine’s descendants are the Ekaterinas, and Luke Cahill descendants are the Lucian branch.  All are hot on the trail as the hunt sends Amy, Dan, Saladin the Egyptian Mau, and Nellie Gomez their au pair, all the way to the catacombs of Paris.

Each discovery brings them closer to a clue and an ingredient. But an ingredient to what? Why is each ingredient worth killing for? Who are the real enemies when they have been warned to Trust No One? Why is no one telling Amy and Dan which branch they should align with?

Gordon Korman continues to report their adventures in Book 2 One False Note. Getting out of Paris alive was one thing, but what are they going to do in France following information about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? Good thing Nellie has a MasterCard and can speak French.

These adventures aren’t just for kids. The Cahills have been strategically woven through world history with a twist on the way we learned history that keeps us coming back for more.

This book series has trading cards, a website, and other auxiliary information available to make the clue hunting adventure more fun. Multiple authors such as Rick Riordan famous for the Percy Jackson & the Olympians book series and Gordon Korman of the Masterminds book series keeps the adventures and reading fresh.

See: for more information.

ISBN 978-0-545-06042-4

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