Book Review: Beyond the Grave Book 4

By following the series, most readers are aware of the major players in the race. Amy & Dan Cahill have been following clues worldwide for the Cahill legacy. The group finding all 39 Clues will be the most wealthy and powerful group in the world. Though most of the family groups have times when they appear to have good intentions, so far Amy & Dan have been disappointed by their deceptions.

Amazingly each time Amy & Dan need a room, food, flight or other transportation their au pair, Nellie Gomez is able to reach into her never-ending Master Card account for the trip. How will they continue when she’s maxed out the card?

Now it is off to Egypt to find the Sakhet. What will be so special about it? How can they tell the real Sakhet from the hundreds of imitation tourist copies? What branch of the family is their real allies? Why have they been unable to find which branch of the Cahill family they belong?



Sakhet is the Egyptian goddess with a lion’s head.


Lost? Need to review the clues so far?

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Don’t let the reading level fool you. I have found myself guessing along while trying to remember my geography and history lessons from school. Great way to travel the world and imagine another perspective on our heritage.

Just how have the Cahills shaped our history?

Jude Watson takes over this step in the path for finding the 39 Clues. She is famous for the Loot Series of books, additional books in the 39 Clues series and other young adult series books.

This book series has trading cards, a website, and other auxiliary information available to make the clue-hunting adventure more fun. Multiple authors such as Rick Riordan famous for the Percy Jackson & the Olympians book series, Gordon Korman of the Masterminds book series, and Peter Legrangis of the Seven Wonders Book Series, weaves the Cahill family secrets from one exciting adventure to the next.

See: for more information.

ISBN: 978-0-545-060448-1

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Beyond the Grave Book 4

  1. I need to get back to this series. All the travel has messed with my reading.

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