365 Days of Granny Squares Weeks 9-12 March Madness!

I didn’t know enough about basketball to be a part of a punch card, but I know lots of Tennesseans were disappointed when the Vols were counted out in the first round. Ouch!

Having a holiday like St Patrick’s Day is a fun break from the madness:


I was having my own version of March Madness getting my squares caught up, sorted, photographed, and tagged. There were lots of great squares in March, and I will share some of my favorites.

You may notice that I actually showed the Square Number in these photographs. I decided that I was enjoying 365 Days of Granny Squares with Nadia Faud that you might also like to see which of the 365 you were looking at. If you like any of these, you can go to Nadia’s site 365 Days of Granny Squares and scroll down until you find the number I have on my square. Some of the squares have only her video tutorials but never fear some have written directions that can be downloaded as well. In her introduction to the squares, she will mention who was the designer, how to look for more of that person’s designs, and whether the square has accompanying written directions.

Granted since these are scrap yarn projects, I rarely use the same colors, and I might even tweak mine a bit from time to time, but they should have a basic resemblance to Nadia’s. My photos are not nearly as professional as her photos and videos, but I am pretty proud of some of the more advanced techniques we are learning.

My partner in crime Sherron has struggled during March with a carpal tunnel surgery but seems to be doing much better these days.

So even though I had started out trying to post weekly, it is not as easy as I had expected so I will be posting monthly with some of my favorites. Here are a few more for March:


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6 thoughts on “365 Days of Granny Squares Weeks 9-12 March Madness!

  1. Thanks for sharing Darlene! I love the clover one and that star one the most!

  2. Thank you for continuing to post your progress on your squares. I would’ve never guessed there could be so many designs for a granny square Keep up the good work. I’ll look forward to seeing more in the future

  3. Isn’t this turning out to be a fun and difficult project? Glad we’re doing it. And thanks for the ping back.

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