To Save a Snapper

First of all, let me say I am so sorry I haven’t posted and haven’t been checking in with all of your posts. I’ve had a bit of an upheaval in my routines that I will explain later, but I’ve been thinking of you all. I’ve been doing some squares but have a few to fill in for my 365 Days of Granny Squares posts, and I’m behind taking pictures for those. I promise to be a better poster because I have missed you all terribly.

Living in the South in the spring and summer brings out all types of creatures for motorists to dodge on the local roads. Another Southern tradition is running to town in our pajamas if we are only intending on going to the closest drive-thru for something to eat.

So I’m in my long pajama bottoms and a t-shirt and I see a snapping turtle on the yellow lines in the middle of a major road. He was only about the size of a dinner plate in diameter, but that is a pretty healthy size. So I stop my car because there isn’t much early morning traffic and decide I am going to encourage him to move along his way a bit more efficiently.

All I can say is it must have been a male. I nudged him and he went about three steps so nudged him again and he went about three more steps and I thought it was going to be a piece of cake. The third time I nudged him he turned around and went into attack mode and started back across the road going the wrong way. This is why I figured it was male. You nudge them along and try to help and all they do is try to bite you and go in the opposite direction.

He was large enough that I couldn’t actually push him even on the pavement so I found something in the vehicle and finally nudged him to the shoulder with him biting at me every step of the way.

After several cars passed I realized that pictures show up on facebook of stupid people all the time. I hope no one took the time to take a picture of a stupid lady in her pajamas fighting with a snapping turtle in the middle of the road. Ah, life in Tennessee!!!

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11 thoughts on “To Save a Snapper

  1. This is not the first snapper you’ve saved, is it? Maybe you need special snapping turtle gear in your car.

    • No, it isn’t. The other one was in a bad curve and I told him if he didn’t hurry we were both going to get hit in the butt. LOL, He was about the same size but a little better mannered.

  2. That was so nice what you did! Snappers can be so mean but whether or not you and your PJs went viral, you saved a turtle which is awesome! 🙂 If I could wear my PJs everywhere, I totally would.

    • Thanks. I need to carry some thick leather gloves so I can just pick them up like I do little land turtles and take them to the other side.

      • Well still be careful with them! Their heads can reach their tails so even with leather gloves you can get bit. Don’t want you to lose a finger!

  3. Thanks for the work of caution!!!

  4. KatieMai on said:

    I love this😂 I have a tortoise so I just love them and turtles they’re so cute apart from it wanting to bite you haha

    • Interestingly enough I was able to stop and help a tortoise this morning. He was alot easier to help. LOL And he had lots of pale color to his shell instead of being dark gray and blackish like most of them around here are. Have a great day.

      • KatieMai on said:

        Aww that’s amazing! I’m glad there’s someone like you around to help them😊 have a good day too!

  5. Crategirl on said:

    I’ve never saved a snapping turtle but I do stop in the middle of the road to get other turtles to the other side! You’re brave to help a snapper

    • I need to start carrying a shovel or something to ‘help’ them a little more efficiently and keep a greater distance between me and those jaws. I read they really can do serious damage to fingers or hands because their jaws are made to cut.

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