365 Days of Granny Squares – Week 6 & 7 Lots of Valentine Hearts

So Week 6 & 7 have come and gone and I’m way behind on posting.

We learned how to make 3D Valentine Day hearts and a various assortment of other heart-shaped configurations. Even though some of them came out looking similar, generally we used a different technique to create each square. I have to admit that a few of mine look a bit like blobs instead of hearts but it was all in good fun.

I think some of the heart shapes will make nice Christmas items as well. I intend to keep my hearts close over the next few months.

Not all of our squares were hearts and a favorite of mine was Day 47:

Day 47

And I have to admit I cheated a little on one of my squares. The pattern called for a Boullion Stitch which basically meant you had to wrap or yarn over 8 times and then pull through all 8 yarn overs. I wasn’t having very good luck with that so I only wrapped or yarned over 4 times for each stitch. Her square is much prettier and puffier but I got the general idea without pulling all my hair out.  I actually went back and practiced using 6 yarn overs but never got brave enough to try the 8 yarn overs. This technique would create a great texture once a person got the hang of it. So here is mine:

Day 46

Remember if you want to pick out a square you like, catch up from the beginning or just do a few along the way, let Yarnutopia with Nadia Fuad:
365 Days of Granny Squares
steer the way to granny square greatness.

See you next week with hopes to get back on track!


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8 thoughts on “365 Days of Granny Squares – Week 6 & 7 Lots of Valentine Hearts

  1. I liked 47 too. You are bing much better about posting. I know all my fans (lol) are disappointed in me!

  2. I just love the hearts! They are very pretty. I used to make granny squares years ago. I wish I’d known about the hearts then.

  3. Painting is a wonderful substitute for crocheting. Sorry about your fibromyalgia but kudos for not giving up on being creative.

  4. I love those, Darlene. They are amazing and suitable with the cold weather

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