365 Days of Granny Squares Week 4

We are not officially finished with January since we have 31 days, but staying with our weekly postings, Week 4 has been interesting.

The featured image has a back post double crochet, which basically means that you go behind the stitches of one layer (round) with the current layer’s stitches. I used the colors she used as closely as possible. But dark colors make the detail very hard to see. In the corners where the black chain seems to be on top of the green is the effect of this back post technique.


DAY 27

Using a front post treble crochet.


It is very difficult for photos to show the 3D effect that working in multiple layers (rounds) produces. Using a front post treble crochet (and front post double treble) techniques also attaches the stitches from different layers together. It isn’t as hard as it looks once you realize you do not have to stay in a single round of work anymore.

Nadia has been one of the first ever teachers I’ve been able to follow for more advanced stitch configurations. 365 Squares found on Yarnutopia by Nadia Fuad is a journey for each day of creating something beautiful. Just take a peek at earlier weeks to see what I mean. 365 Days of Granny Squares Week 3 

Losing my husband in December of 2017 has placed me in a blender of emotions. Having a project to make a beautiful item every day helps keep me focused on good memories and positive outcomes. The first item I made a few years ago when I started crocheting again was a simple pot holder with a flower. My flower didn’t look like the one from the photo in the kit but it was recognizable as a flower. My husband, Billy said it was nice and put it in a frame. That is a great crochet memory.

More squares for Week 4.

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7 thoughts on “365 Days of Granny Squares Week 4

  1. I’m so glad creating these squares help you. I also find doing crafts or painting helps me feel better about things.

  2. I am excited every week to see your beautiful colors and squares. I guess the old saying about idle hands is more positive than it sounds on the surface. Keeping the hands busy heals our mind and heart. I am happy to see your progress. Keep ’em comin’

  3. I’m not getting notices when you post and I’ve been missing seeing all these lovely squares! I’ve got to look into that.

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