365 Days of Granny Squares 2


As most of you know from my earlier post 365 Days of Granny Squares that I am taking on the challenge with a good friend. But the stubborn part of me always tricks me into thinking I know more than other people. Nadia 365 Squares found on Yarnutopia by Nadia Fuad. (https://yarnutopia.com/365-days-of-granny-squares/   told us to use scraps of Worsted Weight Yarn and a size H hook. Well, I had some lovely pastel baby yarn that I thought would look nicer than worsted weight. Squares for Day 1 and Day 2 went fine, then came Day 3. Holy Crap, I couldn’t get the stitches to come out, my count was messed up and it was so flimsy that I couldn’t see what I was doing. I thought if I’m cashing in on Day 3, I am in trouble.

So I went back and listened to what she told me. By using a size H hook, the stitches are larger and easier to tell what you are doing. By using Worsted Weight yarn, there is more stability and it is easier to hold and count off the stitches. Oh yeah, and counting. Hmmm about that. I’m not used to having to actually count anything. I worked with simple stitches so I was generally able to look at what was going on and figure it out.

When I went back with the correct yarn she suggested, the correct size needle she suggested and LISTENED to what she was saying, Day 3 worked out like a champ. Granted I wouldn’t be able to reproduce it again without her step by step help, but I made it. Her videos are very clear and crisp and she shows the viewer exactly how to count the stitches, where to place them, and gives a detailed explanation if it is a new stitch such as a Treble Cluster Stitch.

If you have time and want to make some pretty squares, give her youtube channel a click. Watch her and listen to her. Count with her and even if you have to stop at each step, you can create something beautiful too.

I was using basically the same colors for my squares because I wanted it to look sort of uniform for joining the squares together at the end. Dark yarn makes it harder to photograph the stitch detail, and some of them look a great deal alike if the viewer is using the same type of yarn over and over.

So here’s what I have for Days 1-7 counting the first two days that I tried to use the baby yarn.


Gonna mix it up a little on colors next week. Cross your fingers. I might just get the next 7 days finished before February.

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8 thoughts on “365 Days of Granny Squares 2

  1. Oh, I should have given Nadia a bigger shout out in my blog. I’ll go back and do that. I know why she’s changing color so often; so you can see the stitches, too.

  2. Beautiful. Congratulations!

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  4. Rhonda on said:

    Your hard work is paying off with beautiful squares and new skills

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