I Really have to Get Rid of Really.

It’s December and we made it. 50,017 words that are a continuation of the unedited 50,000 words I created last year. The idea is to get those 50,000 words entered as a story or group of related stories during one month. What I found out is the miserable number of reallys I found all over the place. They weren’t in there to fluff up the word count. They were a part of my writing style. I was amazed.

After I made that conclusion, I started looking more carefully as I was writing. I don’t know how many times I had to back up and remove a really that had snuck in even though I was watching for them.

I need to make the surrounding writing descriptive enough to let the reader know it is important without tacking on a really. I am scared to run a find and replace to get rid of the ones I missed. Perhaps I will stop and look at the situations to see why I thought a really would help.

Strong writing doesn’t need crutches to hold it up. So I am going to be kicking the crutches out to see if my work is still standing. Will let you know what I find.


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9 thoughts on “I Really have to Get Rid of Really.

  1. I noticed basically the same thing about me! Because Word kept underlining them in green wavy lines. Not just really, but also: fairly, pretty, mostly, and…wait for it…basically! LOL!

  2. I find that I start sentences with So and Well a lot. We write how we speak, I guess and I found it a good thing to see it on the screen. Now I’m trying to get rid of them in my speech!

  3. And I start most sentences with AND!!

  4. Rhonda on said:

    I really really like this. I know everybody is a comedian. Taking a hard critical look at our work takes courage. You took the extra step towards becoming a better writer. I know you will continue to to challenge yourself. Congratulations on exceeding your goal for November.

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