NANO Panic – My Mouse Died

So here I am screaming into the finish line to get my 50,000 words and my mouse dies!

I understand that with the 3-4 days of I don’t care if I write another word or not and taking Thanksgiving Day off, I was sort of behind. Until I found out that Word 2016 has a dictate feature, and Google Docs has a dictate add-on. I’ve used Dragon Naturally Speaking and it is still the Cadillac of dictation software. Problem being I’ve been using my new notebook that has very limited resources so Dragon was out of the question. (It is still on my desktop computer though.)

I managed to catch up 8000 words in one day using Word 2016 and Google Docs dictate. My husband just thought I was talking to myself, and I’d probably wasted that many words if I had talked (or listened) to an average family phone call.

So it isn’t pretty because the Word feature and the Google Docs add-on is sort of like a Volkswagon but just like the Volkswagon it will get you there. Then last night when I was on a roll my mouse died. Not just needing a new battery, IT DIED!


My baby in better days.

It had been a good mouse and probably had it’s million mile mark passed but did it have to die last night? Even though I was using dictate, you have to click around in the screen and those built-in touchpads have never been my favorite. So I robbed the mouse from my desktop, took an aspirin, fixed another cup of coffee and headed back to work.

I am currently sitting at about 45,000 words that will need heavy editing, but underneath everything, I have a story with a beginning middle and end which is a sequel to the 50,000-word winner from 2016, ok so I haven’t edited it either.

Dictation note. When you use the fake name generator to get your character names, check to make sure your dictate software recognizes them. Sometimes you can add your spelling to the dictionary sometimes not. Let’s just say McNeel (McNail) and Dunson (Done some) have been a burr under my saddle. 

We have 2 days and a half to get those last 5000 words.

RIP Little mouse – you served me well.


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9 thoughts on “NANO Panic – My Mouse Died

  1. You can do it!!! Cheering you on in spirit!

  2. Poor little belly up mousie! I tell you, trials and tribulations! I got a bad cold from my nephew and I’ve lost a couple of days I think. I know I slept 12 hours last night. I’m at 43K but I haven’t put today’s in.

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  4. Hi Darlene, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award.
    Here is the link –
    Hope your mouse is still alive.
    Have a nice day.

  5. Rhonda on said:

    It’s those little roadblocks that send us off course. You can plan till you are sick of flowcharts and a sneaky little hiccup brings you to a halt. Glad your mouse had a big sister to carry on. RIP mouse

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