In a Single Bound – NOT!

As some of you may know, I’ve been battling a leaking roof. I tried to repair it myself a few weeks back, but my attempt at repair seemed to make it worse.

So this weekend, I decided it wasn’t going to beat me. I purchased materials, put on my work clothes (including my Superman T-Shirt), and set out to finish the job. My husband’s job is to hold the ladder for me. But once I am on the roof, I work fairly well. He said to call him when I was ready to come down.

I had placed my tools and supplies in a typical Walmart bag demonstrating the professional I am. Dragging it across the roof promptly tore a hole it in. (Oh, I didn’t tell you, I don’t stand up, I crawl around on the roof.) So part of my materials rolled back off the roof. Rather than come back down, I decided to carry on with the materials still in hand.

When I completed the mission to the best of my abilities, I took out my phone to call my husband to help me back down. My phone said, “You do not have enough minutes on your account to complete this call.” Are you kidding me? Seriously? So I’m sitting on the roof trying to decide if I can come back down by myself or not. Luckily for me, my cell phone provider had my debit card information on file (because who would bring their wallet on the roof with them) and I was able to re-Boost my phone and call my husband.

As he was helping me back off the roof, one of my neighbors shouted, “You are braver than me.” I said, “Not brave, just trying to keep the water out!” They laughed and went into their house. The sight of my husband holding the ladder for his cringing wife sure made that Superman shirt look foolish.

Leap tiny buildings in a single bound? Not me, not today.

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8 thoughts on “In a Single Bound – NOT!

  1. Hahahaha! What a great story! I’m so glad you had your cell phone in any case otherwise you may just have had to leap some tall buildings for sure!

  2. So is the leak fixed?

  3. You two are such a hoot! Thanks for today’s laugh!

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