Clear Liquid is Not Clear Sailing

Most dog owners would think that a dog throwing up a clear liquid is no big deal. This could be the case since dogs like people can throw up from being nervous or changes in their routines. In those instances, monitoring the environment for sudden changes or triggers can help minimize triggers.

However more serious conditions can be flagged with clear vomit from your best friend. Liver function, thyroid function, more serious gastric issues can cause clear vomiting. The only way to make an initial determination is to inspect the vomit. Closer examination can reveal tiny bits of food, blood, or other colored liquid such as bile. Younger puppies often throw up after eating or chewing items not meant to be food such as shoes. This is not usually the case as the dog gets older.

Immediately trying to coax the dog to drink water, or immediately changing their food or feeding routine often makes the problem worse rather than better. The upset may not be food related at all, and more water will typically lead to more vomit.

Bottom line, most puppies and dogs will throw up from time to time, just as babies and people do. It is simply a part of owning a pet and should be taken in stride. However, repeated loss of fluids due to vomiting is not normal and should be tested by a veterinarian. They can diagnose the problem and suggest changing the environment, feeding habits, or adding medication to calm the digestive tract.

In the case of serious conditions such as thyroid, liver conditions as well as tumor, treatment should begin as quickly as possible. Don’t ignore the warning signs. Get your puppy or dog checked out today!

Here is a link for helpful information:


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8 thoughts on “Clear Liquid is Not Clear Sailing

  1. Thank you for the link my baby girl sometime throws up. I have also heard dogs eat grass to eliminate things when they don’t feel good. My Kiki loves to eat grass, in the yard we don’t need a goat for the weeds!!! I’m always saying.. no Kiki no! 😉

  2. Good warnings. And great picture of your baby!

  3. Oh, honey, I can describe every type of vomit known to dog kind and I think I’ve experienced them all in the past week. The latest is white foam slime…everywhere. I’ll be so glad when Levi feels better again. His vets are getting sick of seeing him. 😉 Beautiful Rotti. I hope this post doesn’t mean something is wrong. Sending hugs! 🤗

    • I’m not sure. She got off her normal eating routine the last couple of weeks. I’m going to give her a couple of days to settle back in and see what happens. Thanks for the compliment.

  4. Awww, keep us posted. Not only do we care about each other, but we care about each other’s pets, too! ❤️ 🐾

    • Thank you. They bring so much joy to our lives. Sometimes she is a handful but when she grabs one of her toys and starts wanting me to play keep away with her, well that is true love.

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