And the winner is…

Me! Ha! Can you believe it?

I’m used to my sister and her girls winning ribbons at our county fair. Their crocheted, knitted, and other crafting items are always breathtakingly well done. For me, I know a few basic stitches and can put together a pretty good item every so often. But I generally would not compare my basic stitchery to their works of magic.

But this year I did it. I entered some of my items in the fair. It was great fun. The morning I took my entries in I sat and watched the other people as they brought their items in. All of the beautiful stitchery, crocheted, knitted, crafted items, drawings, floral arrangements, canned goods, and some really delicious looking baked goods passed by.


So this year I did it. I entered some of my items in the fair. It was great fun. The morning I took my entries in I sat and watched the other people as they brought their items in. All of the beautiful stitchery, crocheted, knitted, crafted items, drawings, floral arrangements, canned goods and some really delicious looking baked goods passed by.


The Junior Horse show contestants were practicing in the arena. They were so cute! Especially the little guy on the far right. When his pony would gallop, he had to hold to the reins with one hand and his hat with the other. I admire parents who have taken the time to teach their children to love and respect animals and to present themselves so professionally at such early ages.

As soon as the ribbons were placed my sister sent a photo. My adult sweater had won First Place and her Wing Span Scarf in the background had also won First Place. I was thrilled. Now I’m an award winning Crochet Crafter. Too cool.



This is how they are displayed during the entire week of the fair. The other items are beautifully crafted as well. I am pleased to see so many awesome entries.


But that was only the beginning. I won in some of the other categories as well.


Second Prize in Hat & Scarf Crocheted.


Third Prize House Shoes Crocheted.


First Prize for Loom Knitted Hat & Second Place for Child’s Sweater Crocheted.

But what was cool was the look on my husband’s face when I showed him the ribbons. It was like being a kid again in 4-H. He sees me working on items all the time, but he doesn’t often see the finished items. He told me he was proud of me! And that was better than any ribbon!

If your city, county, or state has a fair, find out about entering items. Things like canned goods, baked goods, craft and hobby items, flowers, drawings, photography, and a scad of other categories too long to mention. Throw your hat in the ring! It is great fun. Honestly, I would have had just as much fun if I hadn’t placed a single time.

Getting out and seeing people of all ages just getting together to talk about their kids, grandkids, and life in general. Smiling faces and a flurry of energy with everyone bustling around getting all of the exhibits ready. The world needs more positive energy. And this place was a gold mine of good feelings and positive excitement.


Fair logos and midway photo from various online sources, otherwise my photos were used.

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26 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Congratulations!! I love the color choices you picked!

  2. Congratulations! I loved it all especially the adult sweater. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow! Congratulations!

  4. Your sweater is beautiful! Love your other things too. Looks like lots of fun to enter something in a fair.

  5. Congratulations! You do beautiful work. 🙂

  6. Hey! Congratulations! Such lovely work!

  7. Adding my congratulations, Darlene. Well done to you!
    I do love the colour of your adult sweater. What a lot of fun you’ve had.

    • I appreciate the nice words. Thanks for taking the time to read and write.

      • I used to crochet when my daughter was very young; she is now 43. I crocheted her bunny rug during the pregnancy; it ended up being huge; but, warm and well used. I remember being so proud of it. I also remember crocheting quite a few garments that were fashionable at that time; it was so good for the soul ~ nothing like your prize winning pieces; though, so enjoyable.

      • I’ve been making crocheted presents for friends and family for the last few years. I thope they will take it as ‘heirlooms’ or just plain usable items. May not but that is their choice too.

  8. Congratulations!!!! ❤️

  9. You left me a follow so I came over to follow you back. Congratulations on your beautiful crocheted pieces. I can’t crochet at all. I used to try but I pulled the stitches to tightly so I could never keep uniformity at all. Well, maybe we will have something else in common. I’ll see you. 😀

    • I had a real problem when I first started because my crochet stitches depended so much on my mood. Mad ones were really tight happy ones were really loose, but after awhile you sorta get in rhythm and it sort of evens itself out. My little sister and her girls do more intricate items than I do because I get frustrated if I have to count count count stitches all the time. Thanks for the note. Have a blessed day.

  10. Beautiful! Congratulations! My husband, our youngest daughter and I attended the Kansas State Fair back in September. I love to go to the crafts, art, and baked goods section to see what people have made. We always see some beautiful creations. Fairs were always a big part of our lives when I was growing up. My parents and siblings showed horses and I entered decorated cakes. It was always a very busy time of year…but great memories!

    • Thank you for reading the post and for commenting. I fear that like many other things county and state fairs will become a thing of the past. I just watched the Andy Griffith show where Aunt Bea made pickles for the fair that tasted like kerosene and no one was brave enough to tell her.

      • We’ve always enjoyed the Andy Griffith show…especially when the Dillards were on. Hard to find good, wholesome viewing, or reading these days! And I’m afraid you’re correct. We went to the fair on dollar days…just a dollar to get in and if you had a Dillon’s grocery card it was free. Not very many people there! I’ve always felt as though I was born in the wrong generation because I really hunger for those more simple times.

  11. I understand what you mean. I love my technology but it sure has brought alot of undesirable things with it.

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