Sorry but I need to tell you…

20 Fun Facts about me, in NO Particular order.

    • I am 56 years old and have lived within 20 miles of my hometown in Middle Tennessee USA my entire life. I have traveled as far west as Oklahoma City, OK; as far south as Belle Glade, FL to see a place my father lived when he was a child; and as far north as Pittsburgh, PA. But I was only there for about 30 minutes; just long enough to turn around and leave again.
    • I believe a higher force guides the world and the way to tap into that energy is to be as peaceful and respectful as possible. I believe people should spend less time arguing about what to name this life force, and just try to understand it on a personal level. I believe that prayers are heard and people can change to become more open to peace and positive ways in life.
    • Sweatshirts and jeans in the winter, t-shirts and jeans in the summer. Shorts sometimes but mostly capris if not regular jeans.
    • My makeup is usually none. I want people to know me not a made up version of me. Occasionally I will wear basic makeup because my husband compliments me, but it is not the norm.
    • I’m an animal person. I always had cats because they can care for themselves easier when I used to be away from home all the time. But I have found that dogs can be the most loving and protective creatures on earth. Just ask my Rot. I’ve done hedgehog rescue, cat and dog rescue, and even had two leopard geckos and frogs that were rescues. I love wild animals. Life makes me happy.


      I have found that dogs can be the most loving and protective creatures on earth. Just ask my Rot. She is a 100 lb lap dog that still thinks she is my puppy.

    • Loving steak is my weakness. I love a perfectly grilled steak especially with rolls, lots of buttery rolls.
    • Ice-cream sandwiches (if they have caramel in them) and Butterfinger ice cream bars are nice.
    • My favorite store is anywhere I can buy the basics and get out quickly. If it carries yarn and crochet notions that bumps it up the list.
    • I hate to shop just for shopping’s sake. I need a mission; not using good time for looking at things I cannot afford, or do not need, to add to my clutter collection.
    • Good coffee, tea, or a Coke are my favorites, along with Root Beer or milk with meals.
    • There are still some movies that are best seen at a theater, but mostly I wait for shows to come to streaming such as Netflix or Hulu so I can watch them when I want to.
    • Spent my entire summer holidays as a teenager working. I’ve been working at one or two jobs, or one job and school, since I was 15 years old.
    • I am glad texting was invented so that we can leave messages without disturbing others with a phone interruption. However, unless I am at my computer I am very slow to reply to a message on my phone.
    • I must fall in love with the characters of a show to watch it. The premise of the show is important, but even shows in genres I like will be trashed if I can’t feel connected to the characters.
    • I love waking up any day. Sometimes I don’t like the things I must do that day, but at my age just waking up is a real blessing.
    • My friends call me strange.
    • I am a GIS Specialist III (converts paper maps and paper sources to digital mapping and database features) and have been for 20 years. I’ve worked for the same entity in various capacities for almost 30 years (since 1989). I have worked part time jobs, part time school, and part time writing during this time and hope to continue writing forever. I am thankful for my life and hope to become more peaceful and work to become less cluttered in the future


I didn’t want this to sound like all that crap on Facebook, but I did want you guys to know me a little better.

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20 thoughts on “Sorry but I need to tell you…

  1. Thanks for sharing. I think that animals are wonderful and ice cream as well. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks for sharing. It’s good to know more about you or about any person that I read. It gives context and makes the posts richer.

  3. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Other than your job, steak and coke, you are basically me! I even have those glasses in the featured image. Yup, you are me, but in Tennessee. Only I’m a year older so you have to respect me. Hahaha! ❤️💕❤️💕❤️

  5. LOL I’ve been looking for a good excuse to find some John Lennon glasses. That would be too cool.

  6. I really enjoyed reading this. Nice to meet you and know these things about you, Darlene.

  7. I loved learning about you! 🙂 I love your beautiful dog. Animals are my life. ❤

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  9. Thanks for following my blog and introducing me to yours!

    I grew up in So. AZ…but since age 21…I have moved and moved and moved…and am still going 🙂

  10. Mischenko on said:

    This is so neat! We have some things in common. Animals, steak, ice cream sandwiches and crochet-sounds like a perfect day! ♡

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