Soft Brown Eyes

Most people have never seen a flying squirrel. Some do not realize they exist. Mostly because they are more apt to be seen at night if at all. They do not actually fly like a bat, but rather glide from limb to limb. Since people often say that regular squirrels are tree rats, I suppose a flying squirrel would be a tree hamster.


I had the good fortune to see one up close. I used to keep a typical seed bird feeder outside my back door. One night I saw something huddled on the feeder. I stepped closer and it was a tiny pair of soft brown eyes. Flying squirrels are quite small. This one could have been a baby for that matter.

I just stood there looking at the little beauty, knowing that it was terrified and there was nothing to do to help. It was clinging on to the bird feeder as if one wrong move would plummet it into oblivion. I wanted a picture but it was too dark for the photo alone, and I was afraid to damage its vision with a flash.

I didn’t dare to reach out to touch it, even though it was less than a foot from where I was standing. I told it not to be scared and I went back into the house. In the morning it was gone and I never saw it again.

A similar looking nocturnal animal that is not native to the United States is a Sugar Glider. They have been bred as pets for about 15 years and are tiny bundles of cute. They were a craze at the pet stores for awhile, but their popularity has died down a bit. Perhaps because they do not like being alone, and they are nocturnal, and if you don’t pet them as much as they desire their shrill cry will shake the walls.

I’ve never heard of anyone having a pet flying squirrel. But I am sure someone has tried to have one. I am just happy they never became an exported novelty from the United States, as the Sugar Glider had been for Australia.

If you would like more information, click here.

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4 thoughts on “Soft Brown Eyes

  1. I know someone with a flying squirrel. She’s a wildlife rehabber and sometimes takes on pets that can’t be released back into the wild. I’m guilty though. I really want a sugar glider pair; hopefully adopt them from someone else though.

    • That is good of your friend to take care of animals that cannot be released back into the wild. I knew a person with one sugar glider and that’s how I know they scream all night if you don’t pet them as much as they want/need to be petted. They are the cutest little things in the whole world. While everyone was still in the big sugar glider rage was when my husband and I was doing hedgehog rescue. Have a nice day. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Oh, they are the cutest things; what a wonderful experience you had. I can understand someone wanting one as a pet. However, they do need what only the ‘wild’ can offer.
    As for the sugar glider; being an Aussie and knowing these bundles of cuteness up close (they are very special) it seems almost sacrilegious to restrict them to a lifetime indoors, or limited in some way. They may seem cute; but, just like any animal they deserve only the best, and that which suits their natural order. They also live for about 12 – 15 years; a long time to be a super mommy!
    Loved this read, Darlene.

    • Yes when my husband and I were doing hedgehog rescue they only live about 3-5 years and that is a long time to promise to take care of babies. 15 years is a long time. They do not allow the import of hedgehogs so only captive born ones are all that is here now. It is sad to make pets of wild animals. But some folks do really love and care for their tiny babies.

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