“Ten Reasons to keep Blogging”

We all need to keep touching each other with our thoughts and ideas. It will keep all of us alive.


Found these great Reasons to blog and had to share, enjoy.

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9 thoughts on ““Ten Reasons to keep Blogging”

  1. Great reasons! Really helpful

  2. Those are worthy reasons to keep blogging. I don’t know about cross-posting and aggregation. Those sound like great ways to spread the news about one’s blog. I especially like the last reason and that is for touching the lives of others. I hope my blog does that. Thank you for the encouragement to keep blogging!

  3. Good tips thank you.

  4. Nice graphic! Good reasons. I’m working on that personal growth one.

  5. Number 7 is a great one. A lot of times, my blog ends up where I’m trying stuff out.

  6. mychirpylife on said:

    Very relevant! Blogging does enhance my personal growth! Clarity, writing, knowledge, so many benefits!

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