On the Way to Work

Everyone has stories of people they have met on the roads and incidents that have occurred. I was reminded of an incident that happened to me some time ago. Just to be clear, I do not always turn right on red. Because the actual rule is to turn right on red if clear, and my idea of clear seems to differ from other people.

While sitting waiting for the light to change (in the right turn lane) the people behind me in a rather expensive looking jeep were blowing the horn and having a cow because I wasn’t going to turn. There is a blind hill before this intersection and people come over the hill out of nowhere sometimes. After blowing the horn and shouting they simply ran out of the road to go around me, nearly hitting my car.

The light changed and I turned right. I noticed that the car that was in such a hurry was at the next intersection in the left turn lane so I pulled up beside him. He and his passenger seemed to still be shouting about something, so I rolled down my car window. I said, “All that horn blowing and cursing did you a whole helluva lotta good didn’t it?” The passenger leaned out and said, “That’s a fine way for a southern woman to talk.” I pushed the subject a little harder and quite a bit of arguing ensued before the light changed.

I had forgotten that I was on the phone with my husband because the phone had dropped into my lap. I could hear this tiny little voice saying, “Tell him to follow you home and I will talk to him about driving in the South!” with a few expletives added. By then the light had changed and everything went back to normal.

This morning on my way to work, a well-worn car in the left turning lane pulled up very close beside me. I thought, “Here we go again.” I was wrong. It was a couple with lots of tattoos and lip piercings who simply smiled, nodded and waved hello. As they were turning I noticed their radio antenna was a straightened out coat hanger. Something I hadn’t seen in a long time. I just smiled to myself and went on to work.

Moral of the story: Fancy people aren’t always nice, and people who appear different than we are, may not always be wild and rude.

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16 thoughts on “On the Way to Work

  1. Like my mentor chimmanda Ngozi adichie says ” clothing has nothing to do with morality” This is where this saying plays out.
    Nice story dear.

  2. You just never know. And you hope that they aren’t over there judging them.

  3. A great story with a wonderful message. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Great story you are so right about judging people. I notice…now that I’m older….that it is the younger people that are impatient. For some reason now that I’m older I am never in a hurry and I always was when I was younger. I was the one beeping my horn…lol Have a great day!

  5. I love this story! The same is true for people with money. I used to go to antique auctions. One week they had a piece of Maine history that was sought after by many collectors. They even had a phone bank set up to take bids. As the bidding went up, people kept trying to figure out who was going so high. It was someone in the back but they couldn’t see anyone who would be bidding like that. When the bidding stopped the item had sold for many thousands of dollars. The item was delivered to a man in overalls. He looked like an unkempt farmer. You never know who has money, either.

  6. superwifeandmummy on said:

    True! Thank you again for popping in to my little blog and following 😊

    • You are welcome! I have been meeting some unique and wonderful people here. I want to retire in a couple of years and have freelance writing income for the supplemental to my retirement funds. Thanks for having positive encouragement and useful tips to share.

      • superwifeandmummy on said:

        Oh it’s my utter pleasure.
        That sounds like a dream plan, by the way!

  7. If we stick together, we just might make it.

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