Remembering the boss #1

I have to say that I have worked many jobs since I was 16 years old. Almost 40 years I’ve been working one place or another, sometimes two places at once. I was thinking about some of the bosses I have worked for. I remembered a few stories I’d like to share to brighten your day.

I worked at the local Taco Bell store from the time it opened in 1980 until 1985. For most of that time, I was the assistant manager. The manager was a short chubby woman in her 50’s who enjoyed picking at and embarrassing the kids that worked for us.

On one occasion she was behind a very pretty young lady that was working the cash register. When customers would come in, she would announce this young lady was having a nude party at her house. It was funny the first time. But after a few customers, the young lady was beginning to get very flustered. When the next customer came in, she announced the nude party. I stepped up behind her and said, “Yes but the manager will not be there because her suit needs pressing.” Needless to say, no other invitations went out that day.

On another occasion, this manager had swept the parking lot before we opened one morning. She generally did not do tasks like that. She was bragging to the customers that she was the parking lot sweeper. One male customer said, “Yes, I saw you out there with the broom, but I thought you were just trying to get it kickstarted.”

But the best story was one she told on herself. She had purchased a brand new, midnight blue Ford Crown Victoria luxury car. She was extremely proud of this car. She parked behind the store in the best parking spot. We were all supposed to take turns parking in the next spot so no one would ding the doors.

She had gone to Kroger to buy groceries. At that time the bag boy (bag person) would follow customers out to the car to load the groceries. As she approached her car, she noticed a bumper sticker on the back bumper. She was furious. She was not above yelling out obscenities when she lost her temper. She got down on her hands and knees, continuing her cursing rampage, and began angerly tearing at the bumper sticker to remove it. For whatever reason, she happened to look up the side of the car and noticed it was a two-door. She got, up brushed herself off, became immediately calm, and turned to the bag boy and said, “I suppose we need to find my car; this car just looks like my car!” She marched off like the Queen of England to find her four-door car.

I had several managers during my five years with Taco Bell. I learned a great deal from each of them. I think that is why kids should work at a restaurant for their first job. Most of the other kids are in the same boat on learning level. I think if kids see how badly some customers treat them, they will become better customers to other people in the future.

Sometimes it is just a job. Sometimes you make friends that last a lifetime.

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8 thoughts on “Remembering the boss #1

  1. Your first boss sounds like a hoot!

  2. Rhonda on said:

    She was a hoot no doubt about it. I have grinned many times when that bumper sticker story pops back n my head. It reminded me of Momma attempting to open the car door on her Volkswagon. She looked quite perplexed until a man sitting on a.
    Nearby bench wordlessly pointed to another vehicle parked 2 slots over. Momma sheepishly moved down to her car and drove away. I love love the kickstart retort!!

    • I had the same thing happen to me. When I had that brownish Monte Carlo, I was in a parking lot trying to turn the key because it did go in the lock, and when I looked up it was a Cutlass of the same year.

  3. dancingwithteacups on said:

    I loved these stories that are dated back to the olden days..hope to read more lik these 🙂

  4. dancingwithteacups on said:


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