A Mouse in the House

Yes, I’ve killed mice in mouse traps. Got a fat one just the other day that had been sneaking into my bathroom and eating my cat Missy’s food. In her younger days, she would have taken care of it herself, but she’s getting up there in years.

A while back I opened my washing machine to find a mouse inside. There is a difference between blindly killing a mouse with a mouse trap and looking into their little face. So I tried to find something to catch him in. I chased him around with a plastic bowl, but as it turns out washing machines are round, so that didn’t do any good. I tried to block him and he jumped up. OMG! He jumped really high. I told myself I didn’t realize he could do that. If he jumped on me this story would have an entirely different ending!

So I pondered it for a minute or two and decided to run some water in the machine. Once he started swimming, jumping was pretty much out of the question. And it was a lot easier to scoop him out since he swam slower than he could run. I scooped him out and threw him outside to fend for himself.

I showed the picture to my husband, Billy. He said, “Well what did you kill him with?” I said, “Kill him? I didn’t kill him with anything. I caught him and threw him out in the yard.” He rolled his eyes. “You know that it will just come back in the house, right?” I sorta shrugged. “Probably, but I just couldn’t look into his little face, with those beady little eyes shining in the light, and kill him.” He just shook his head and walked away.

So I still set traps. And when we get one I throw him away. But those are strangers. I’ve never met them. I couldn’t kill the one I met personally. I remembered how much we loved our hedgehogs, and the little faces just looked too close to the same for me.

So practice your pitiful, sad, or scared look. If you come to my house and look at me with little mouse eyes, I won’t be able to say no to you either.

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5 thoughts on “A Mouse in the House

  1. YOu are hysterical! This is exactly what mom would do too!

  2. Great advice for using your pressure washer correctly!

  3. ha ha! love the pic

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