Continuing Chapter 1 – Are you hooked yet?

The United States is behind other parts of the world when it comes to converting to solar panels or other heating, cooling, food production alternatives. Sometimes it is very difficult to influence people to do the right thing for the right reasons, or to influence them at all for that matter. By simply placing solar panels on existing structures converts wasteful space into useful space. Perhaps the best guess to making it more ‘user friendly’ is for someone to try to design some prettier ones for the sticklers. Leave it to Americans to place looks above anything else. When survival is at stake why is how it looks so important? What better way could a person increase their home value with the area they are already taking up and help the environment?

Some other countries have even started building solar roads. Just imagine driving along a solar road in our electric cars. Sometimes it just seems like Star Trek in real life. We’ve waited until it was too late for so many things. We’ve let so many of our beautiful animal species become extinct. The decisions we are making now can decide whether we will be on the extinction list. But will we realize changes in people in time?

Sometimes she wonders if this is the best way to make a positive difference. Beating her head against the wall over and over trying to make people understand something that should be common sense. Sometimes she wishes she had gone to medical school at least then she could actually see that she was helping people. Or not, lots of people die around the medical profession so that would probably be a downer too after a while. I suppose any profession can become a downer if you let it. Always good to have an alternate dream though. Something to keep a single person warm at night. Yeah right.

But some people simply do not like the way solar panels look and they will not come off that stance. Just like all the unfortunate people who have eating disorders, they believe they are too fat, too thin, too tall, too short, everyone is too something or other in their self-image and their surroundings. Unfortunately, pride and vanity can still trump green living…such thoughts spinning while Jesse opens her case and prepares to call her first appointment. Sometimes the frustration is just too much and there is a passing thought that maybe it would be better if everyone did burn up. It would be good enough for all of us. That would keep her from having to worry about a long lonesome retirement. She shakes her head and says out loud, “No more of that crap now!”

First call is the Hertzfelts, seniors in a very swanky neighborhood. Probably won’t be interested but the day has to start somewhere.

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