Pocketing Heaven…my NANO for 2014

Maybe I can generate a little interest here…

Pocketing Heaven

Chapter 1

An unusually beautiful fall day. It won’t be long until the snow is covering everything for a frosty winter rest. So this is the best time for Jesse LaCorte to talk to people about the upcoming winter and alternate heat sources. After all, we must learn to be greener right? And what better way to start than to convert existing rooflines to solar panels? It sounds so simple at first but most people are still worried about making changes. The expense and the extra weight is too much for some wallets and some existing buildings. But we have to do something to help the planet. AND SOON!

A day of busy appointments full of skeptical looks and downright anger has Jesse wondering if this really is what she wants to spend her life doing. She has started to notice hints of grey in her hair and a little less zip in her steps. Weekdays are longer, weeknights and weekends are shorter. Perhaps there is another way to help the world be greener? So many people have given just up. They think that the Earth is too far gone to try to save. Some are to the point of hoping it just gets to the end of our lifetime. That doesn’t help the next generations very much though. She wonders if we all need a lesson about not giving up. After all, we’ve finally persuaded most people to recycle and repurpose things.  Not everything has to be new and perfect, does it? Changing people’s mindsets about life and how we live it, that is what we are up against in more ways than one. And not just for our lifetime but for all the future generations.

In order to help prospective clients on their way to discovery, she gathers as much positive press for solar panels she can find. Perhaps it would strike a cord with some people if they are able to generate enough electricity to sell back to the utility companies. Wouldn’t that be a hoot? Some people can get on the bandwagon for almost any newfangled ideology while others are just dragging around waiting to see if the Earth blows up or not.”

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3 thoughts on “Pocketing Heaven…my NANO for 2014

  1. Good start! Ill be able to read it in small chunks like this. But remember, excerpts. Don’t give away the whole story.

  2. I can’t give the whole story away yet cause I don’t know what it is yet. LOL

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